So many clothes yet nothing to wear!

My client always looked good and had a clear insight into what worked for her. So you can imagine I was a little surprised when she asked me to spend some time helping her ‘sift’ through her wardrobe and create some kind of order. I’ve always considered that I had a pretty extensive wardrobe until I spent a couple of days with Geraldine. Phew! We sorted out what she wanted to keep and the rest either went to a charity shop or to be recycled.

What I quickly realised was that she had some great outfits she rarely (if ever) wore. She didn’t need any new clothes. What she needed was a fresh look at the existing pieces.

This is Geraldine’s response, ” With Brenda’s keen eye and style expertise we quickly sorted out the gems to keep and what had to go! Brenda’s infectious enthusiasm, passion and clarity ensured this process was fast and easy with lots of laughter along the way. Then came the magic as Brenda brought the remaining core pieces to life creating different combinations using colour and accessories. All from my existing wardrobe. Happily I now have less clothes cluttering up my wardrobe and enjoy having far more to wear”.

Geraldine, Business Owner, Birmingham UK

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