Social shopping & why it’s taken off

I have always loved shopping for clothes. My earliest memories are of going with my mother for a new coat each year. This stopped when I was 12 as I was starting to get caught up with the fashion of the moment. Short skirts, block heels (didn’t get a pair until I was 15!) and white tights.

Captain Tortue AW16

Captain Tortue AW17

One of the reasons I was drawn to the Captain Tortue collection was the casual chic style that had some ‘edge’ or quirky details, as the 2 images above show.

Since I started my business, ‘Style Rejuvenation for Women’, the one thing that has astounded me is how many women don’t like shopping, some even going to so far as to say they loathe it. I even have one client who literally had to be dragged to the shops (I had done all the research so we – or rather I – was focussed) complaining all the way. She said she ‘desperately needed a new wardrobe but couldn’t stand being in the shops for more that 1 hour. Reality check needed. I countered with, “That’s rather like saying you must get your hair cut but under no circumstances are you going to the hairdressers”. Surprisingly she agreed.

Not keen on this?

There is an alternative

You can imagine my delight when, in February this year, I joined Captain Tortue – the French clothing brand I am promoting – and realised I could take the clothes to her. A pop-up shop in her own home. Worked a treat. She really enjoyed it and is looking forward to seeing the AW17 mid-season collection which will be available on 13th October.

My client is not alone in finding High Street shopping frustrating and time consuming. Added to that, online shopping is not always the answer and can be very disappointing; with poor fabrics and garments that are not well made.

Enter social shopping. Drum roll please! The idea of going into customers homes or business is of course not new. My attraction to CT was and still is the amazing styles and versatility of the collections. The clothes are designed in-house in France and shipped directly from there. Sizes are from 6 to 22, so all shapes sizes AND ages are catered for. If you can’t face the hectic High Street, cramped changing room and ‘limit’ to what you can take in – then hosting a pop-up shop in your home or at work may be the answer. Invite a couple of friends and enjoy an evening (or afternoon) of fun and fashion, together with some styling tips.

So if you live or work in Northumberland, Tyne & Wear, Co.Durham or Teesside email me for more details. As hostess you will receive, as a thank you, a considerable discount.

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