What’s lurking in your wardrobe?

Phase One

When you enter your wardrobe is it Narnia or No-go? Creating order out of chaos.
Is your wardrobe bulging? Do you have more than one item on a single hanger because there simply isn’t enough space for more hangers. Does it take ages to find what you are looking for? When was the last time you took everything out of your wardrobe and had a long hard look?
Most of us have too many clothes. A bold statement but largely true. If you have items that you haven’t worn for well over a year (exceptions being special occasion wear) the chances are you won’t wear them again. Perhaps they are no longer relevant to your life.
Here are some simply steps you can take to overhaul your wardrobe and create order out of chaos. The difference it will make to simply leaving the house in the morning or getting ready for that important event will amaze you.
Set aside plenty of time. If you find this a daunting task do it in stages. You will also need some space.
Separate your clothes into categories. This could be tops, skirts, trousers, jeans or leisure and work clothes. Shoes and accessories will be dealt with in Part 2 tomorrow.
Deal with each category by using this step-by-step process:
Ditch anything that is ripped or frayed – unless you feel it is worth repairing. It’s impossible to look stylish if your clothes are in poor condition.
Start with your first category and try on each item – time-consuming but essential. If it doesn’t fit and it can’t be altered either ditch or send to a charity shop. If you have kept something hoping you will lose weight, be honest with yourself. Is this realistic? If it does fit, temporarily put to one side to be dealt with later. Continue this process with all categories.
You will now have 3 piles of clothes. One to be thrown out, one to be sent to a charity shop and the third to be kept.
Consider the items you have kept. They need to fit well, look good on you and be of practical use to the lifestyle you have now.
There will be some items you can’t decide on. To keep or to ditch. You may not be sure if it looks good. Trust your intuition. If you aren’t happy with how you look and/or you don’t feel comfortable then ditch it!

By now you should have a much smaller pile of clothes. This is good! Join me for Part Two tomorrow when we will look at those all important accessories.