Style faux pas

We all do it. From time to time we wear something that, with hindsight, makes us cringe. ¬†Clothing that has nothing to do with style. Here are some of those items of clothing best put in Room 101! I’m hoping you don’t need to ask why.

green crocs ugh


Yes, Crocs make some kind of sense if you are getting out of a small boat in Indonesia and wading through the sea. But not on the high street. Unless you look like Kate Moss you will not look stylish.

slogan t-shirt

The slogan T shirt – under no circumstances!

My real pet hate (and I have seen this being worn outside) is the ‘onesie’. It is a large baby-gro! Nothing more nothing less. I refuse to have an image of it on my blog. Whilst I have nothing against leggings (and they can look very good paired with a tunic top) you must cover your bottom. Even if it is neat and shapely. Without the necessary over garment you will look as if you have forgotten to put your skirt on.

motif sweater

The motif sweater – so tacky

Allied to the above is a particularly horrible garment, which tends to make an appearance at this time of year; cropped baggy cargo pants. The style faux pas items above all share one common link. Do you know what it is? You will see children wearing them. In children they are acceptable – in grown-ups not!

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