Style is a choice

Different people have different ideas about what style is. Which is perfectly understandable. At it’s most basic it is how you ‘present’ yourself when you go out in the world. Some people say they don’t care what they look like. I’m not sure I would agree. If you are happy with how you look you are more likely to feel confident which in turn helps with your self esteem. Some people say it’s not important. Well, compared to family, friends and health it isn’t. How you look does matter because it can affect your mood and it does send an unspoken message to others. We tend to judge by appearance, often getting it woefully wrong. But we still do.

jck print pants

Chic and flatteringĀ 

The above outfit is, essentially, a simple T-Shirt, print pants and a fitted jacket. Virtually any woman could wear this. It is not over-the-top but it is modern.

When I talk to style clients I’m often surprised at the emotional aspect to choosing clothes. When women rejuvenate their style the first thing I notice is the sheer delight and pleasure this brings. Sometimes this comes as a surprise to them! What tends to get in the way is being concerned about what others think. Dress to please yourself. If your partner, family, children and relatives aren’t supportive – and may even be dismissive – that’s their concern.

If you want to rejuvenate your style you need first to make the decision to do so. The key (if there is one!) is to look modern and avoid that dreaded style error so many older women make of not wanting to stand out. So, they either wear what they have worn since they were in their thirties, thereby dating their overall look, or believe that they shouldn’t wear anything ‘too’ modern or they will look like “mutton dressed as lamb”. Stop apologising for yourself. You have earned the right to look your best.

fashion star!

Confidence and style

I think the woman in the above image looks incredible. Would I wear this outfit? No, because the jacket it too short and would draw attention to my boobs and the overall look is too busy for me. Personally I think she would look better with a longer jacket. The image below is again about confidence but the style of this woman is less flamboyant.

black shawl with orange

Comfortable in her skin

italian older woman

Italian older woman

I think the Italians are starting to overtake the French when it comes to style. I love Italian cities not only for the architecture, food and general energy, but also for the people watching. The amount of stylish older people is fabulous to see.

blk and animal print


pants and lacy shirt


Style is a very personal thing. I believe that as we get older we owe it to ourselves to look our best. This can be jeans and a T Shirt or a floral dress. Style is a choice. Not caring what you look like is also a choice.

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