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I have spent many a happy hour going out to see clients and doing personal shopping for them. I’ve been self-employed since 1995, working for many years as a mangement and leadership coach, enjoying both the ‘luxury’ (it was for me) of a city centre office and the convenience of working from home. Both working environments have something to recommend them. My husband and I now live in the heart of rural Northumberland in a spacious barn which at the weekend is an art gallery. Plenty of lovely space and, of course, lovely art to look at. A perfect back-drop for my style rejuvenation business. The advantage of having this space is it acts as a fabulous environment to show case my French clothing, plus my office can be easily and quickly converted into a changing room.

Open House and personal styling

Styling tips

I am having my 3rd ‘open house’ event to launch the AW17 mid-season collection on the 26 October. Instead of the crowded High Street you can come and shop at your leisure and enjoy personal service. In my last post I wrote about social shopping and while I would hate to see the High Street go there is no doubt that when it comes to retail fashion there is a sameness that can be wearying.

AW17 Collection

Sizes 6 – 22 Flattering clothes for everyone

Having an open house is the original ‘try before you buy’. You can see and touch the clothes. Many items in the collection have been designed to form a core capsule wardrobe. Speaking to many clients they say their chief challenge is putting an outfit together. We like to think we can do the hard work for you. The open house provides a relaxed environment, in stunning countryside, and of course refreshements and nibbles (Prosecco fo the non-drivers). Come and discover if this is for you. It might just change how you shop for clothes. We open at 11.00 and close at 19.00. Those of you on my mailing list will receive an invitation. If you prefer a more personal approach then contact me to arrange a one-to-one session. Either here or in your home.

If you need details about the location please email me. Hope to see you soon.

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