Sunshine Therapy – Step One

Whatever your thoughts on sunbathing most people agree that a light natural looking tan on your ¬†face and body makes you look healthy and rested. If you are jetting off to the sun then obviously you need to protect your skin and stay out of the strong midday rays. If you haven’t managed to get some rays, or you prefer not to sun bathe, then the convenience and benefits of self-tanning products are for you. As a Temple Spa Lifestyle Consultant I can strongly recommend their all year bronzing solutions. When self-tanning goes wrong, as it often does (orange and streaky!), it’s usually because the skin has not been prepared properly. The time taken to prepare ensures your self-tan looks natural. As in all matters of style you need to invest some time.

For the perfect (well as near as you can get it) self-tan on your body follow the 3-Step PAM process.

Preparation, Application & Maintenance

Let’s start with preparation. If you have never tried dry ¬†skin brushing this may seem a little odd. I have been doing this for years and it definitely makes a difference. I do it irrespective of whether or not I am applying self-tan. It’s good for the circulation and gets rid of dead skin cells. Every morning before your shower or bath brush your skin, always in the direction of your heart, in long firm strokes. I have now discovered a skin massager which I use immediately after the brushing. This takes no more than 5 minutes. If you haven’t time in the morning do it in the evening!

skin brushing


Dry Brush

no pain no gain


sugar buff

Apply a skin scrub. I use Temple Spa Sugar Buff to buttocks and thighs because I do get cellulite. You need to use the scrub wherever you intend putting the self-tan. Then wash off and dry your skin.

buttock cellulite

You have now prepared your skin and it should feel soft and smooth. There will be no dry patches that the self-tan product can adhere to. You are now ready for Step Two, which will be posted soon.



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