Sunshine Therapy – Step Three

Having prepared and then applied your tanning products there are some simple steps to help maintain your tan. The first thing to do is the make sure you keep your skin well hydrated by using a good quality body moisturiser, preferable tinted. This will avoid any patchiness and dry areas of skin.

Avoid too hot showers or baths. A fabulous product from Temple Spa called Goldentini, which is a body oil and glaze, provides radiance and sheen and light colour (£25 for 50 ml). This is a remarkable product which is simplicity itself to apply and you only need a small amount.


Goldentini – body oil & glaze


On your face use a tinted bronzer or if you want an instant glow, use Temple Spa’s, Lovely Day ( £25 for 30 ml), which is a tinted bronzing gel. By following these steps not only are you maintaining your tan but you are also caring for your skin.

golden day

Lovely Day – immediate response bronzing gel

So – Prepare, Apply and Maintain. Sunshine therapy in 3 easy steps!

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