Sunshine Therapy – Step Two

In Step One we looked at the importance of preparation and in today’s post we are looking at application.

Once your skin is fully prepared you are ready to apply your self-tan product. Invest in specifically designed gloves or mitts to avoid staining your hands! You can purchase these from chemists or supermarkets. Thankfully some self-tan products are fairly easy to use and smell considerably better than they once did!


Sol Mate by Temple Spa

Over the years I’ve tried many products (often with pretty poor results) and to date the above self-tan is the best. At only £25 for 150 ml it represents good value too. It is non-sticky, has a lovely smell thanks to the grapefruit essential oils and contains anti-aging ingredients.


Apply in a dry environment not a steamy bath or shower room as this will make you perspire and may lead to a streaky finish. To be avoided at all costs!

Ensure your skin is well moisturised and that the moisturiser has been applied at least one hour before application to ensure even application. Work fairly quickly with light but firm strokes. It is always best to use a tinted product so you can actually see where the product is going.

Tricky areas! The elbows, knees and heels require a slightly different approach as these areas in most people tend to be drier and/or darker in skin tone than the rest of the body. Lightly moisturise and apply the product sparingly. With most products you can build up the tan – if you wish- over the next few days. It is important to keep the skin moisturised.

In Step Three we will look at maintenance.

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