The comfort of knitwear

Knitwear can be elegant

Of all fashion items I think knitwear is my favourite. Cozy, comfortable and easy to wear. A fine sweater can elevate a pair of basic jeans and a chunky sweater can complement your leggings (or jeggings). What’s not to like. Added to which the majority of knitwear can be washed.

Chunky meets sleek

Don’t be afraid to match casual with smart. A fine weight sweater can look great with jeans as can a chunky piece of knitwear (as above) look good with a tailored skirt.

Ponchos are still very chic and so versatile

Whatever your price bracket there are so many lovely knitwear pieces around at the moment. If you are a colour person then check out some of the bright colours at the moment.

If you can afford to buy cashmere remember that moths absolutely love it. Take precautions and use moth repellent.

If you like chunky knits then you will probaly be wearing a T-shirt or vest underneath, therefore there is no reason to overwash the garment. Even the best quality knitwear doesn’t take kindly to too much washing.




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