The death of the High Street?

I’ll admit I love shopping. My preference is for independent shops the more quirky the better. When it comes to clothes I like personal service. I don’t buy clothes very often so when I do I don’t want to virtually do everything my self. You know what I mean. Find your own size on a crowded rail, locate the changing room and then when you realise the size needs to be changed, hope you don’t have to stick your head around the curtain or door of the changing room in the hope an assistant will notice you!

Walk along any High Street in the UK and you’ll see empty shops. I live near to Hexham and it really is dismal to see how a good selection of shops (I’ve been in the area for 30 years) in a lively market town has been decimated. The French clothing brand I promote fills the gap left by independent fashion retailers beautifully. Out of town retail parks and, of course, the internet, have played a major role in the demise of our High Streets.

SS18 Season Spoilt for choice 

Good detail

If you want cheap clothing there are many larger brands both in-store and online available to provide your needs. If, however, you want quality and good design you will have to pay for it. So here is the dilemma. If you want something different but don’t want to spend silly money then where do you go? If you want to try before you buy but aren’t a fan of internet shopping where do you go? A gap in the market has been created and it’s hardly surprising that direct selling or Multi-level Marketing is growing at a fast pace.

Yours truly!

Captain Tortue have French designers who pay attention to detail, use good quality fabrics and create stylish collections that rival any expensive designer. Plus their independent style consultants – such as your truly – offer guidance and style tips. If you want to host a style event in your home you can try on new items with your favourite pieces. Or you can have a 1-2-1 with me.

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