The most versatile item of clothing you will ever have

Regular readers of my blog and my Facebook visitors will know that I’m just a tad obsessed  with white shirts. There are so many styles to choose from and therefore so many different looks and style themes to explore. I recently ‘found myself’ (as in I wonder how I drifted this way rather than a moment of spiritual enlightenment) on the Kings Road in London and wasn’t surprised to see the white shirt in great evidence.

with long skirt

A white shirt does not necessarily mean a corporate or formal look. Worn as above it is chic and unexpected. Being stylish is always about the element of surprise.

Whether it’s worn as a beach cover-up, under a smart jacket, with a knitted jacket or denim gilet you can get great mileage out of this garment. Wear it with a piece of statement jewellery or a colourful scarf. Experiment!

zara peplum

Zara Peplum – under £30.00

The white shirt is timeless and you can pay next to nothing for one (Zara, Matalan, H&M) or a small fortune. Over the years I’ve found it best to have a small amount of stretch in the fabric as although I have a fairly small frame I have the ‘issue’ of my boobs. Too stiff a fabric and the shirt sort-of launches itself from my boobs! The downside of stretch is that the shirt may not be the pure white you tend to get with 100% cotton.


Givenchy. Price? Don’t even ask!


Marks and Spencer

The above shirt is simplicity itself and the length of the sleeves is very flattering on older arms. Dress it up or down the choice is yours.

crisp beltedtunic look

A belted shirt looks crisp yet casual

hugo boss ultra stylish

Hugo Boss 2016 – so elegant

classic sarah harris

Style always beats fashion!

The above image is of Sarah Harris (always stylish and yet relaxed) wearing her shirt with turned down dungarees. Now that is being creative! Why not hit the sales now and pick up a white shirt. You won’t regret it.

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