The rejuvenated wardrobe


Do you procrastinate? I do.

There is something about the New Year that makes us want to renew, rejuvenate and re-evaluate. The winter is still with us but we know Spring isn’t far away. Added to this there is an ever-growing concern about over-consumption, the wellbeing of our planet and the benefits of living a simpler life. Moving swiftly on! How many garments do you have in your wardrobe? 50? 75? 100? More than 100? If you know to within, say, 10, then congratulations as this means you’ve probably been deep inside your wardrobe lately and taken some action. The fact is most of us don’t know and the chances are we have no idea of what may be lurking at the back of our wardrobe(s). Figures suggest that we only regularly wear 20% of our clothes. This means we are hoarding garments we rarely, if ever, wear. Time to take action and stop procrastinating. This doesn’t mean rushing out hotfoot to the shops to replace them all!

The minimal wardrobe – perfect!

The chances are when you open your wardrobe door the image above is what you see. I’ve been inside (literally) more wardrobes than most. I’ve seen hangers so close together it’s a struggle to actually remove an item. Most clients are intially just a little embarassed.

This post will very briefly tell you how to audit & edit. Contact me directly for more info as some poeple find this too challenging to do alone! Use the bed as your work area. Take out all tops – audit & edit, then jackets and coats, move on to jeans and skirts and then finally to dresses. Don’t take everything out at once as it’s too daunting and your bed is probably too small anyway.

Starting with your tops create the following piles:

*Recyle – you know you will never wear it again – it’s too dated or worn.

*Charity Shop – you know YOU will never wear it but your local charity shop will be delighted to receive it. This includes clothes that no longer fit you. If you are waiting to lose weight and you haven’t worn it for over 2 years please give it away. What is the point of torturing yourself.

*Sell – if you have some expensive key pieces (such as cashmere knitwear or evening dresses) you may want to consider selling. You will never get the full value but it’s worth a try.

*Keep – the items you have chosen go well with other items. For example, a favourite jacket should complement virtually all your jeans, skirts and dresses. Key tops should work well with at least 4 other items of clothing.

Having worked through you pile of tops, start on the next pile. Depending on how many clothes you have you may want to do this over a couple of weekends.

The result? You should have much more space in your wardrobe.

Whether you favour a relaxed and fairly classic look or prefer a more quirky style, having a wardrobe that works for you and one in which you can easily find what you are looking for, makes perfect sense. Just think how good you will feel – and look.

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