The right to bare arms

silver squiggle bangle

Delicate yet eye-catching

As you get older, even with exercise and the gym (!) women’s arms can loose their muscle tone. This means you may be reluctant to wear sleeveless tops and dresses. Unfortunately if the weather is hot or you are on holiday somewhere that actually has summer weather, then it is not practical to wear long sleeves all the time.

isabel marant cuff

Isabel Marant cuff

Although the cuff above is expensive there are loads of different style to be found on the high street.

Being realistic you can’t suddenly start using those dumb bells and in 3 weeks be ready to bare. Even if your arms are less than perfect they will look better with some self-tan on them as tanned skin often gives the illusion of being slimmer than it is.

You can draw attention away from your arms by wearing bracelets and cuffs.

silver gold bracelet

Silver & gold bracelet – on my wish list!

multi jewellery

Marakesh anyone?

A simple T-shirt, pair of jeans and a pashmina can be transformed by jewellery. Notice how the bracelets show off the tanned arms to advantage. Get those arms out girls!


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