The rise of the poncho

Who would have thought that the poncho (remember those spaghetti westerns anyone?) would now be regarded as a key addition to your wardrobe. It is a great transitional piece when the weather isn’t warm enough to bare your arms but you don’t want to wear a heavy coat. If you are anything like me by April I am just a little sick of my coats.

With buttons

Without buttons

Ponchos provide warm and increasingly some style to your overall outfit. They are best worn with jeans or leggings on the lower half of your body to keep the proportions in balance.

Neutral colours are versatile

Summer poncho

More designers are coming up with lighter materials which are ideal for the summer. The above poncho would work well as an extra layer on your flight to sunnier climes and be ideal if the evenings needed another layer. They are many variations on the basic themes. The one above is by Captain Tortue (as my regulars will know I’m now working with the company who specialise is chic casual collections) and is in a light patterned yarn.

So forget any qualms about ponchos you may have had!

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