The trench coat

short burberry

Short Burberry – timeless

pale trench

Pale trench fabulous casual look

Timeless and classic the trench coat is just right for this time of year, when we are no longer freezing but still need an outer layer. There is something both enduring and alluring about the trench coat. All those films over the years with Hollywood stars, both female & male, wearing a trench coat with turned up collar and sunglasses. Will wearing one make you look like Audrey Hepburn or the female lead in a James Bond film? Probably not. You will however have an item of clothing which is stylish, versatile and absolutely feminine.

classic trench

Casual yet chic

new look trench

For those on a budget – trench by New Look

If the thought of tying the belt doesn’t appeal then leave it untied. Leave it open or closed. Wear it with jeans, capri pants or a skirt – the trench coat adapts perfectly. Accessorise with a clutch bag or over-sized satchel. Jump into your loafers or a smart pair of heels. The trench is the ultimate in versatility. You can buy it in different colours too, so there is no need to restrict yourself. I have a bright pink one which always gets attention, but then I am a bit of a show off!

silk burberry

Silk Burberry – I wish!

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