The Tyranny of ‘Age Appropriate’

Am I alone in thinking the expression ‘age appropriate’ is patronising and completely out of step with the reality of being an ‘older’ women? Who decides what is appropriate anyway? A few young fashion editors who promote some very strange ideas about what it means to be stylish? I for one, do not need or require anyone telling me I’m too old to wear that lovely sleeveless coat I’ve just seen in Zara. Actually, Zara is a case in point. When I want a quick style fix (and funds are low) I always head there. There are usually just as many older women shopping there are there are younger.

Being a baby boomer I’ve had a reasonably good education, a wide and varied career (I’ve changed careers 5 times!) and I’ve never relied on anyone else to support me financially. I look after my health and take regular exercise. Older women have more disposable income and take greater control of their lives. they are also working longer. They do not need to be told what is appropriate and what is not based solely on their age.

What is ‘appropriate’ is that we dress well and for the body we have, rather than the one we want or think we should have. To be stylish is in essence having a decent hair cut, knowing what cosmetics to use (and how to use them) and being able to put together items of clothing in ways that help us look our best. Any women, of whatever age, can look good. You don’t need a huge budget, although you will have to make an investment. Not just in terms of money but in yourself. Let’s redefine what it means to be a stylish older women!

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