The wonder of white jeans


Chic all in white

Yes it’s that time of year when I fervently hope that summer is not far off. What better time to get out the white jeans? Although I do wear mine all year round. White jeans are possibly the most versatile item in your wardrobe. They can look ultra cool, very casual and smart.

with flat glitter shoes

Dress up with glitter flats

with beige loafers

Dress down with loafers

Depending on how you accessorize the number of outfits you can create is almost limitless. If you are worried about white over a generous sized bottom then simply make sure your top covers the offending article. And remember, you can put white with virtually any colour and wear white jeans with sandals, brogues, ankle boots – you get the picture!

with black sweater

Great with simple black sweater

black top and sneakers

Good holiday look

If you don’t possess a pair of white jeans I would suggest you are missing out on a timeless approach to style rejuvenation.

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