What is style rejuvenation?

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Style Rejuvenator!

The answer to this question is largely down to what you want to achieve. Perhaps you need a complete wardrobe ‘wake-up’. If you have so many clothes and accessories cluttering up your closets that you’ve actually forgotten what may be lurking in there, then the time may be right to take action. Or, you realise your clothes no longer suit your new lifestyle. There again you may simply be fed up with wearing the same thing day in day out and want a fresh pair of eyes to give you a fresh perspective. That’s where I come in. How do you know that my service is for you?

I offer a completely free 20 minutes style consultation either by phone or email. This will involve me asking you a few questions about your lifestyle and style preferences. This will give me a good idea about what will work well for you and how we can work together. This is also an excellent opportunity for you to ask me some questions. This service is entirely non-obligatory.

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