What would you do with extra spending money?

Most of us know almost immediately what we would do if we had extra money to spend. It may be spend more on holidays, treats for the kids, better wardrobe, more independence etc.

This post is for women who want some extra spending money – for whatever reason.


Just imagine how you would feel if you had that extra money. You’d be able to treat the kids or go on that special holiday. How would you feel if you had more money in your purse?

When you look your best you feel your best. Every women can empathise with this. By joining my team of style consultants you can help other women feel fabulous. How good would that be? You will also get free clothes and a generous 50% staff discount to ensure you always look your best. Our consultants are our best advertisement.

Fabulous chic French clothes from an established and successful company. Free training and support to guide you through your new business. Work how many hours you want, when you want and where you want. If you want to discuss this business opportunity and find out more please email me or call 07717 078669.

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