When your outfit just has to be right!

When your daughter or son gets married you want to ensure it’s a day to enjoy and savour. You don’t want to be worrying if you’ve chosen the right outfit. You want to know you look your best and then be able ¬†forget about it! I was asked by a client to help her with her wedding outfit, which she had been agonizing over for some weeks. Let’s hear what she has to say.

“As a somewhat curvy, plus size Mother of the Bride, I was not keen on going wedding outfit shopping. I decided to have an outfit made. Brenda came with me on several visits to the dressmaker and was invaluable in advising me on colour, style, fabric, hat and accessories. On a day to day basis I like to try and hide away in blacks. My self-esteem related to clothing is low, so I was delighted on the day, thanks to Brenda’s help, to feel totally comfortable in a unique royal blue lace dress. I can honestly say Brenda provides an exceptional service”.

Hilary, Marketing Manager, Northumberland, UK

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