Why grey hair is a matter of choice

Many women of my mother’s generation (she was not one of them!) accepted grey hair as a natural progression – as indeed it is. Increasingly we are seeing women in their forties having grey put ‘into’ their hair. Unthinkable even 10 years ago. Should you let nature take it’s course or are you not prepared to give up the colouring sessions at the hairdressers. As in all matters of style it is a personal choice. My hairdresser who has been cutting and colouring my hair for over 20 years beautifully describes her clients hair as ‘the gown you always wear’. Very true. If I have a bad hair day it doesn’t matter what I am wearing I just don’t feel right.

trench coat and jeans

Relaxed & confident

One thing to bear in mind if you have grey hair is to keep your style contemporary. It’s interesting that a women, say in her thirties, can wear very classic clothes and yet look fresh, whereas a women in her fifties and beyond can look too staid.

curly with glasses

If you have grey hair and wear glasses choose frames that actually ‘frame your face’. Darker frames have more definition and tend to look better with grey hair.

young with glasses

Good use of jewellery

jeans and white sht

tweed jacket

Both the above outfits are relaxed yet in very different ways. Having grey hair does not mean twin sets and pearls. If you decide to go grey bear in mind this will take a while, depending on how quickly your grows, so you may need to hang in there. Talk to your hairdresser and get their advice. Also bear in mind that as our hair goes grey so we experience a loss of pigmentation in the skin. To prevent looking ‘faded’ wear tinted moisturiser and lipstick. If you don’t already, now may be the time to consider a natural colour blusher.

good quote

Accepting your grey hair can be liberating as the image and quote above shows. Will I be letting my hair grow out? Not yet. I still have my ‘original’ brown colour at the back and I think I would look odd. Some day, but not now.

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