Why results need passion

For as long as I can remember I was intrigued and fascinated by creams, lotions and potions. My mother had a very puritanical and functional attitude to skincare, whereas an aunt had a much more hedonistic approach. Her bathroom was full of gorgeous bottles and heavenly smells. I spent hours there. I am incapable of walking through the beauty hall of any department store because I’m looking for skincare that not only produces good results but is also an experience in itself!

At last I’ve found the holy grail of skincare. I’ve been trialing some of the Temple Spa range and quite frankly I’m astounded. The products are exceptional and, guess what, when your parcel arrives there put in some chocolates. Now that is attention to detail. Having worked in the corporate world for decades I know that success is determined by results and results need passion. It’s passion about your product or service which really makes the difference.

TS Skin Truffle

If you can’t get to the spa this is the next best thing!

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