Your clothes say a lot about you

white jacket and bag

Relaxed and confident?

Your appearance communicates a message about you to everyone you meet. All clothes convey a message. We tend to think in stereotypes. We see a smart tailored jacket and good accessories and think successful business women. A too short skirt with overly made up face? Well, what do you think? Not helpful, but sadly true. We are visual beings and we take in information through our eyes. For me, the above image says ‘I don’t need to try too hard and I’m happy in my skin’. It may say something very different to you.

sweater and shades

So chic and in control?

dapne silver jeans

Style with attitude!

The older model above exudes confidence and a ‘what do I care’ attitude. Of course it helps that she is reasonably tall and very slim!

safe and sureplaying safe

Playing it safe?

There is nothing wrong with the two outfits above. You may see women dressed like this on every high street in the UK – and elsewhere. The outfits shown don’t say ‘look at me’ or give any kind of definite message. Perhaps that’s the point. Many older women do not want to ‘stand out’. If you are serious about rejuvenating your style you can’t be content to fade into the background. The two simply don’t mix.

eccnetric - good

Eccentric? I think This works, despite the mix of fabrics.

eccentric bad

Eccentric or simply messy?

While style is a very personal expression, being stylish requires some effort and thought. Dress head to toe in designer bling, or animal print, and you look as if you’ve made the effort (albeit in a desperate way!) but given it no thought.

layered look

Balanced and poised?

When you get dressed tomorrow morning stop for a moment and consider your outfit. If you were a perfect stranger looking at you what message do you think you are giving?

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