10 Stylish Essentials – No 4

Black trousers to suit your shape

wide pleat front

If you wish to look stylish then a pair of black trousers has endless appeal. If ¬†well cut and well made they should last a few years. They can be dressed up and down. With heels and flats, high boots, ankle boots and sandals. What’s not to like. Like the perfect jeans you need to take the time and trouble to get the right pair. Shop around carefully.

The classic cut of the Stella McCartney trousers shown below, would suit most body shapes. More affordable styles can be found at Reiss and Max Mara are always a good choice. Remember, your classic black trousers will not be a cheap purchase. There are many high street brands but the quality, fit and cut is often poor. Added to which they tend to crease.


classic shape

I don’t subscribe to style ‘rules’ however it is important to buy black trousers that suit your body shape and take into account whether you are short-waisted or have a long body, and the length of your legs. Here are some basic guidelines:

If you have long legs then wide pants will usually look good.

If you have short legs and want to wear wide pants then make sure the legs cover your footwear, and preferably wear heels.

If you have fairly chunky legs stay away from cut offs as your legs will look shorter and heavier.

If you have very thin legs then Рrather counter intuitively Р skinny cut trousers will make your legs look like sticks. Better to buy straight cut.

Don’t wear trousers with front pleats unless you have a flat stomach.

If you have thick ankles keep them under wraps. Don’t be tempted to wear cropped styles.

There are many styles around that stop at the ankle. Consider carefully what to wear on your feet. Heels, flats, ankle boots or wedges will all work but are dependent on the ‘bulk’ of your footwear. Too bulky and your feet will not be in balance to the neatness of the trousers leg. The image below is ideal.

reiss slim ankle JBrand trousers blk

The above boot cut trousers balance the body, particularly if you have heavy thighs, and help to lengthen the legs.

belt loops classic

The wide leg trousers above, with belt loops, are a good buy. To hang well you will need to wear heels of some kind. If you tend to favour flat shoes either try a modest wedge (easier to walk in) or if you insist on flats make them as neat as possible.

Take the time to do your research and buy the black trousers that suit your shape, in a good quality fabric and always hang them up when you take them off!


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