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dressing the inner woman

I am Brenda Kilgallon and I am on a mission to help women find what they really want out of life. I also enable them to achieve it.

ABOUT dressing the inner woman

“Self-awareness and self-love matter. Who we are is how we lead” Brene Brown

The contribution that women make to the world is immense. There has never been a better time for women to realise their highest potential. Whether you work for an organisation or are self-employed you are in a leadership role. If we are to lead others with vision and passion then we first need to embrace our inner leader. Do you know what is possible for you? What is your highest potential?

If you feel stuck in area of your life how useful would it be to discover what is holding you back? What would it feel like to go from ‘stuck’ to ‘unstoppable’?

how you will benefit….

believe in you

identification of what is holding you back

An in-depth search of why you feel hindered and a recognition that there is more for you

a focus and understanding of where you want to be

Time to build goals and listen to your own dreams and aspirations

the confidence, desire and tools to get to where you want

Planning on how to achieve your hearts desire whether it is personal or business


I have been a coach for many years now, but equally I have walked the path of being a woman, running a business and juggling family and friends. Getting lost in putting everything and everyone above my own needs and wants.

Dressing the Inner Woman is a celebration of the power and greatness in women. A recognition of the unique challenges facing women in an essentially male driven world.

All coaching and facilitating work is grounded in the belief that the potential and possibility of women is immense.

Support in identifying and dismantling limiting beliefs and old conditioning – breaking down your glass ceiling – is a priority.

Moving from chance to choice with clarity and purpose.

You can choose a series of 1-2-1 sessions, join my 6 week bootcamp, or coming soon is my 6 month challenge!

ready to find your inner woman?