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working with brenda

breakthrough to you

A 6-week journey to support and empower you to set your intention and vision for the life you truly want to live.

  • Shifting your mindset to unstoppable – opening up to possibility
  • Putting yourself first.
  • What holds you back? Making visible the 3 main barriers and limiting beliefs that hold women back.
  • Unlearning and re-learning. What behaviours need to change and what will you replace them with?
  • Stepping into your intention and vision, creating a road map.

Prior to Week-One a questionnaire will be sent with accompanying notes. Each session will be followed by a challenge relating to the module. A questionnaire will be given after Week Six – a request for feedback to be put on website.

Price :

Special Introductory price : £227, with an option for 2 payments to spread the cost eg: 1st payment £127 – 2nd payment £100

There after full price is £277.


Brenda’s FREE Ebook explores how you will very likely have set yourself goals throughout your life. Work goals and personal goals. Sometimes they work and other times they don’t. It’s all too easy to blame yourself, become disillusioned and feel as if you have failed in some way. How to do things differently though?

FREE 21 DAY SELF-CARE challenge

This short but effective offering is designed to give women a framework/guide to putting themselves first. It provides a short daily routine starting with a positive mindset/visualisation, planning a daily self-care activity of your choice or at least move away from your workplace or kitchen. Importantly – managing interruptions and ensuring to journal each day. The aim is a re-motivated, relaxed and refreshed woman, not always being at others beck and call. 

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Coming soon

6 month programme – an in-depth journey into your Inner Woman