7 Tips to keep you looking stylish – No 7

Tip No 7 – Commit to being stylish

Here we are at the last of my 7 tips for keeping yourself looking stylish.

Whenever we set ourselves goals we need to believe in the ‘why’ of the goal. What is the purpose of achieving this goal? How will this goal benefit me? What do I get out of it? Perhaps you’re just fed up with how you look or you’re not sure exactly how to become more stylish. If rejuvenating your style is important to you then you need to commit to making some small changes. The first commitment is making the time.

Are you up for a challenge? If you are I’d like you to take each of the previous 6 tips and work with them for at least 6 weeks. You can take one tip per week or more. It’s up to you. But you do need to invest some time. I would suggest you do them in numerical order. Although tips 4 and 5 can be combined

Tip 1 – Being Organised

Take everything out of your wardrobe (s) and sort into 3 piles. Clothes that you never/rarely wear, clothes that are old and worn, and clothes that you wish to keep. The first pile you can give away or sell the second pile throw out. Using the suggestions in tip 1 (see previous post) sort out the clothes you intend to keep. When you look at the remaining items you should feel uplifted. If you don’t then perhaps you may need to shop for some key pieces.


Tip 2 – Be well groomed

Take any items that need cleaning to the dry cleaners and any items that need repairing (if you are not good with a needle) to a reputable dress maker. Carefully look at your footwear, polish or brush where necessary and take into a show repairers if required. If your hair needs attention check in with your hairdresser. Throw out all old hair, skincare and makeup products. Book a manicure. You can observe how she does this and replicate at home. Keep your nails filed and always use a hand cream. Now you are good to go!


We can’t all be Coco – but isn’t it worth trying?

Tip 3 – The importance of lingerie

Get a professional fitter to check your bra size. You may be surprised. When I go to buy new lingerie I always take a close fitting top or camisole. Why? To put on over the new bra to see how well it fits. Any lumps or bumps will be spotted instantly. Once you try on a bra that really fits you will never want to go back. Your breasts will be lifted and your posture instantly improved. When you are in the changing room you could also try on some shape wear if you feel you need it. Again, take the garment you intend wearing with the shape wear with you. If you need to buy new panties check that don’t produce any obvious lines/marks.


Tip 4 – Take good care of your skin

Make a commitment to review your skincare regime. Is your cleanser doing a good enough job? How happy are you with your moisturiser? Do you feel a beauty serum would be a good idea? To help you answer these questions, and any others you may have, visit your local beauty counter and ask for advice and¬†for samples. I’m a big believer in trying before you buy.

chic make-up

Tip 5 – Up date your makeup

This links in neatly to tip 4 and follows more or less the same process. Be honest. Does your makeup need an overhaul? If your makeup technique and the products you use have remained static for some time the answer will be yes. Re-visit tip 4 (previous post). Check out the recommended Youtube videos and hit the beauty counter.

fab at 60

Tip 6 – Surprise people

Having decided on the clothes you are going to keep (tip 1) spend some time trying on different combinations to create a variety of outfits. What would lift a particular outfit? It could be a pair of patterned tights or an ‘in-you-face’ piece of jewellery. What about a great looking pair of sunglasses? Stylish women get noticed. Not because they glaringly stand out – but because there is always some small unexpected aspect to how they look. Something that takes people by surprise.

Chanel black whit arms


Wear a fabulous pair of sunglasses

wht top with blk skirt

Add a gorgeous bracelet

This is your 6 week challenge and I look forward to hearing how you have got on. You can become more stylish in 6 weeks by taking some small steps. Once taken I hope you won’t want to go back.

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