A call to arms

In a remarkably short period of time it will be spring (ever the optimist) and we will no longer be able to hide underneath layers of clothes, even if they are lovely and cosy and made from cashmere! The time for hiding will be over. Now is the time to take a good long look at your arms. Even thin women can have flabby arms. If you are post menopausal then the chances are your arms may need some attention. Until my fifties I had what I thought were ‘naturally’ well-toned arms. I’ve always exercised – sporadically sometimes – but I take my body seriously. I now have some ‘flab’ on my upper arms so I’m using 5 lb weights to re-dress the balance. I started 3 months ago and it is working. If you want to face the warmer weather feeling confident enough to expose your arms then some exercise will be needed. Obviously use your common sense and seek medical advice if you feel it is necessary.

5434fb51926169ac9d1b723be8583f78ernestine in white vest

Ernestine Shepherd

If the gym is not for you invest in some dumbbells and get those arms toned in the privacy of your own home. I can’t promise you’ll look like Ernest Shepherd, who by the way started exercising in her fifties having never done exercise before, but I promise you’ll feel better about that challenging area of the upper arms. Believe it or not Ernestine was born in 1936! No excuses now. Most of us don’t want to start body building but we do want to feel confident in our clothes.


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