Can older women wear leggings?

This is a question I’m frequently asked and I noticed recently in another style blog the same question being asked. I have no problem with leggings per se and I do wear them myself. You’re sensing a ‘but’ here aren’t you? Well here’s the ‘but’. If you are an older woman you need to make sure what you are wearing with the leggings is stylish and looks good. Too many woman wear leggings because they are easy and comfortable. Nothing the matter with that, however, if you give little thought to the rest of your outfit you may end up looking sloppy, or even worse, frumpy. You’ll look as if you have made little effort.


shirt with leggings

Effortless yet well put together

The cardinal sin with regard to wearing leggings (except at the gym) is to keep your bottom covered. I live in a market town and we have a great mix of people in the area. Unfortunately there are some women with large bottoms who clearly have no knowledge of this ‘no no’! Even if your bottom is not large if your top doesn’t cover it you will simply look as if you have forgotten to put your skirt on! Please take note.

with white shirt

Casual summer look – great for holidays

A loose long shirt, or shirt dress, looks good with leggings as the proportions work and balance the outfit. Make sure the top is not too baggy as this will not be flattering, particularly if you are petite.

with silk tunic

Silk Tunic 

Not only the cut but also the fabric worn on top will help to determine how casual, or otherwise, you wish to look. This will depend on what you are doing and where you are going. The silk in the tunic above immediately elevates the leggings.

shirt dress

This could be worn by any age group

bright top and sandals

Easy to wear

Leggings are versatile and they don’t need to cost the earth. In winter (sorry to mention it!) they team well with ankle or knee length boots and look good with chunky knitwear.

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