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Are dress codes too relaxed?

I can remember the time when going to the theatre or out for supper, by implication, suggested the need to make some kind of effort. A pair of heels and some extra jewellery at the very least. Now, anything seems to go. Personally I find this depressing. I love to see people ‘dressed up’, particularly… Read more »

Style faux pas

We all do it. From time to time we wear something that, with hindsight, makes us cringe.  Clothing that has nothing to do with style. Here are some of those items of clothing best put in Room 101! I’m hoping you don’t need to ask why. Crocs Yes, Crocs make some kind of sense if… Read more »

Fashionable or frumpy?

  Baroness Susan Greenfield – 65 – An inspiration Professor of Pharmacology at Oxford University When sitting on a train last week I caught the headlines on a fellow passenger’s newspaper. ‘Fashion is not for the over fifties’. Which begs the question, ‘What is for the over fifties?’ As they get older some women do… Read more »

Are English women vulgar? What do you think?

Kristen Scott Thomas On the 24th February (an important day in our house as it is my husband’s birthday) Kristen Scott Thomas DBE caused something of a furore in the Mail newspaper when she said that English women, with their fake tans and short skirts, were vulgar. What a fabulous word, and one which we… Read more »

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Hello This is not a post on style, despite the title, just to let you know I’m back on line. A big thank you to my local Cafe Nero, in Hexham, Northumberland. They have helped to provide a lively and very comfortable working environment. Why the title? My loss of internet connection was due to… Read more »

So many clothes yet nothing to wear!

My client always looked good and had a clear insight into what worked for her. So you can imagine I was a little surprised when she asked me to spend some time helping her ‘sift’ through her wardrobe and create some kind of order. I’ve always considered that I had a pretty extensive wardrobe until… Read more »

When your outfit just has to be right!

When your daughter or son gets married you want to ensure it’s a day to enjoy and savour. You don’t want to be worrying if you’ve chosen the right outfit. You want to know you look your best and then be able  forget about it! I was asked by a client to help her with… Read more »

Shopping – where to start?

It never ceases to amaze me that the important business of choosing your wardrobe and deciding on the best way to present yourself visually should be such a hit and miss affair for many women. Those same women will take time when planning a holiday, organizing a special family event and choosing a new piece… Read more »

The Style Edit

When you travel internationally, work at Boardroom level and absolutely love clothes and accessories, you end up with a vast wardrobe. My client had been wanting to hone her very individual style and clear her wardrobe of items that no longer reflected who she was. Using 3 clothes rails (!) we worked our way through… Read more »

Creating a working wardrobe

My client is a busy business executive with little time, or inclination, for shopping. Added to which she is often travelling and working away from home. She wanted a capsule wardrobe that would travel well and some key tips on how to put the various items together. I always do my research so I asked… Read more »