Choosing Style Over Fashion

As Yves San Laurent so wisely remarked “Fashion fades: style endures”. Personal Style is unique to us all. If we are over 40 (and certainly over 50 and beyond!) we have undergone one hell of a journey. Not someone else’s journey but our very own adventure. We do not need to slavishly follow trends – apart from the ones we want to of course. We can be ourselves. My blog is about celebrating the ‘older’ women; because we are certainly worth celebrating. Let’s look our best and feel our best. Whether you favour a natural yet chic look or a more tailored approach is more your thing, being stylish is within every women’s means.

elegant italian woman

Italian. Did you need to ask?

Ines wears white jeans

Innes. French to the tips of her manicured nails.

Come on UK ladies. Lets get really stylish and have a rejuvenated 2016. Are you up for the challenge?

There are 4 basic requirements for choosing to be stylish. Yes, that’s right ‘choosing’. It is a choice and you can look stylish.

1. A good hair cut and style that suits you.

2. Well applied make-up in flattering tones.

3. Clothes that fit and suit your body shape

4. Interest in feeling good and looking good.

Here are some women who certainly do and they all have their own individual ‘look’. I particularly love the woman with the wild hair. I couldn’t do this in a million years, but boy or boy, she certainly can!

long hair stunning


lauren bacall wht shirt

Lauren Bacall

When I was 12 years old I saw a film with Lauren Bacall in it. She was then, and still is now, a style icon for me.


Coco Chanel

One of the most influential women in the world of style. She was a true revolutionary. She liberated women from the shackles of the corset and was at all times her own person. The way we dress now is largely down to her determination to change the way women were perceived.

chic outfit and stement jewellery

silver older lady

Who says having grey hair can’t be chic!

Who are your style icons and why? I’d love to know.



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