Fashionable or frumpy?

baroness s g  

Baroness Susan Greenfield – 65 – An inspiration

Professor of Pharmacology at Oxford University

When sitting on a train last week I caught the headlines on a fellow passenger’s newspaper. ‘Fashion is not for the over fifties’. Which begs the question, ‘What is for the over fifties?’ As they get older some women do lose the plot with regard to what to wear yet to make the statement that fashion is somehow denied older women simply because of their age seems ridiculous. Older women have helped to shape the workplace and their contribution in all walks of life is immense. Baroness Greenfield (above) is working on a cure for Alzheimer’s and always looks modern and stylish.  We are not prepared to become invisible, because some fashion stylist doesn’t know what to do with us, and descend into the wearing of frumpy boring clothes.

cindy joseph 64

Cindy Joseph – 65

Founder of the cosmetics brand ‘Boom’

Cindy Joseph has endless energy and is always stylish yet very casual. No older woman wants to be a slave to fashion but we do need to be contemporary and this means adopting some of the elements of current fashion.

barbara alberti 71 write

Alberta Ferreti (writer) – 71 – The Epitome of chic


sleeveless jacket

Stylish & modern – sleeveless jackets work well

Women in their fifties and beyond have more than earned the right to choose whether they want to be fashionable or not. We can adopt the style that suits us, while keeping in mind some style guidelines.  Keep your look fresh and blend in the modern with some essential pieces. Do this and you will always look good.

PS: Does anyone know where the article referred to was published? If so please let me know.


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