How to keep warm in Spring

There’s no doubt that our weather here in the UK is weird to say the least. A few days ago I was in my local town and the temperature was 13 degrees. Oh good I thought, Spring must be around the corner. The next day it was 2 degrees! This unpredictability can make it a nightmare when planning what to wear the next day. Do you stick to the winter coat you are sick of the sight of, or choose a lighter weight jacket?

One way to ensure you keep warm is that fabulous perennial – the scarf. Large, small, silk, cashmere or cotton you can have a scarf for every occasion and every temperature.

blue blanket

Blanket Scarf

A blanket scarf is ideal for keeping you warm on chilly Spring days. Make sure your bottom half is kept slim or you may look too bulky. It can be carried over your arm if the temperature rises.

street style pale blue

Street style

blue liberty

Liberty silk

chanel pink

Chanel silk

Never underestimate the ability of a light silk scarf to keep you warm. If you become too warm then remove it and tie it around the strap of your handbag.

orang and white silk

Fabulous with a white shirt or dark jacket

The simple introduction of colour and a different fabric really can transform what you are wearing. Experiment with tying a scarf in different ways. If you feel your efforts are not producing the right effect there are plenty of infinity scarves around. Just put it over your head et voila!

blue patterned

Infinity scarf

It is possible to look stylish and keep warm this Spring. I must say I can’t live without a scarf. Larger scarves or a pashmina are excellent for travelling. Or is it just me finds railway stations drafty and air travel chilly?

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