Love the skin you are in?

Put me in the cosmetics and skin care department of any major department store and I am in heaven. Those beautiful bottles and jars. Gorgeous colours and intriguing descriptions and outrageous promises. Who hasn’t been tempted (even if only for a moment) by the suggestions that using this for only 7 days will shed the years making your skin look youthful etc etc.

Oh well, back to reality. It’s no mystery that clean well moisturized skin looks better than it’s neglected counterpart. Older skin presents some challenges especially during the menopause. Women who have rarely suffered with a spot (and why do they pop up on your nose, chin or the middle of your forehead?) suddenly sprout a crop of teenage eruptions. Then there is the jowl ‘thing’. Lose of tone it’s often called. Or age spots and ‘discolouration’.

I am always trying different skincare ¬†products. It a sort of hobby. Although it can become expensive. Over the coming months I’m going to share my thoughts and opinions on skincare and offer some advice.

Clean skin is healthy skin. So let’s get started.

Some budget products that really work.

simple micellar water

The Simple range are effective, within most people’s budget and usually suit most skin types, although very dry skin may require more cossetting. Micellar water has become very popular and many make-up artists swear by it. Probably because it is quick and easy.

For years I have used rose water as a toner. If you are worried about added chemicals rose water is a good option. It leaves your skin feeling clean and the smell (if you like roses!) is heavenly.

rose water

The benefits of exfoliation are always been talked about in the media. As I have a sensitive skin I always find them too harsh. At last I’ve found one that works without leaving my skin feeling taut. I highly recommend Dr Murad’s Exfoliating Cleanser. I wouldn’t describe this as a budget product but it is affordable and as you only use a small amount it lasts for months.

murad exfol

If you like a bargain and know exactly what you want why nor check out this website for some well known brands in skincare, cosmetics and hair products. Why pay full price when there is no need?

Make taking care of your skin a key priority. This starts with clean healthy skin which is not only about using products that work for you but is also about a healthy diet (yes, I know you know!) and drinking plenty of water. And don’t forget to move and get some fresh air.

happy healthy face

Looking good!

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