No 2 Tip to keep you looking stylish

No 2 – Be well groomed

The expression ‘well groomed’ may seem somewhat old fashioned, and yet it is impossible to be stylish if your hair is unkempt, your nails are untidy and your footwear looks as if you’ve trudged through a muddy field!

I was standing behind a women on an up escalator last week and in most respects she looked good. Stylish outfit, good haircut and a general sense of having given some thought to what she was going to wear. Unfortunately this impression didn’t last long as I caught sight of the back of her shoes. They were scuffed and the heels worn down. Why do some women pay good women for their footwear (this women’s shoes were a very well known designer brand) and then fail to have them repaired or at the very least polished?

Being well groomed is essentially down to 5 simple steps:

  1. Well cut tidy clean hair
  2. Carefully applied make-up – even a slick of lip gloss can make a difference
  3. Well kept clothes – clean, no missing buttons, pressed etc.
  4. Footwear that is clean and in a good state of repair
  5. Manicured nails kept reasonably short (no talons please) and a clear nail polish if you don’t want to apply colour
nail varnish and ring

The finishing touch

The above 5 steps do not require vast amounts of time. Tip 2 is a close relation to tip 1, in that being organised helps you to be well groomed. When women take the trouble to really care for themselves (the French could give us a master class here!) the result is always worth the extra trouble.

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