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I have written before about the transformative power of clothes. You know that if you get your outfit right not only do you look good but you also feel good. One area of lifestyle I am increasingly asked about is skincare. As we get older our skin can change. It can become dryer, pores may appear larger and if like me, you are a bit of a sun worshipper,  you may have some signs of pigmentation. I wanted to be able to offer bespoke skincare as part of the services I provide. With this in mind I set to and did some research. Last year I came across a British owned company called Temple Spa based in West Sussex. I trialed the products and was so impressed I decided to become a consultant. So, what does this mean for you? It means I can offer a bespoke skincare service based on your skin type and take you through the facial you would experience at one of the high quality spas using Temple spa products. Because I am one of their consultants I can offer substantial cost reductions and keep you informed about special offers. As a client you can pay as little as £69 for cleanser, toner, moisturiser and skin mask. Full cost would be £94.

TS cleansing

This is skin therapy designed to match the needs of your skin and to reward your skin with outstanding long term benefits. The products are a delight to use and are a fusion of anti-aging ingredients, natural botanicals and essential oils.

I can offer a one-to-one session or if you prefer why not get a few friends or colleagues round and I’ll run a skin therapy class. If you are in the North East I run skin and spa therapy classes in my home which is set in the Northumberland hills. Contact me for details of the next class (May)


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