Style strategies for real women

Welcome to my blog, where I give you a range of tips, information and some great ‘secrets’, which will radically improve how you present yourself to the world. You’ll look better than ever and feel more at ease with how you look.

Together we will work with style strategies for real women, just like you, that redefine what it means to dress well and present a stylish and rejuvenated image.

Are you somewhat fed-up, even irritated, by the way women are portrayed in the media? The way we are constantly compared to our younger, often slimmer and more toned counterparts. The majority of women are not size 8 six feet tall Eastern European models.

It’s time to redress the balance and, importantly, take control of our own style and regain our power. This is what my blog is all about. It’s not about slavishly following fashion and trends, it’s about finding a new more stylish you. It’s about rejuvenating your own style. You may need some slight tweaks or perhaps a complete overhaul. It’s up to you. All of the women shown have style, yet they are all different.

long hair and long skirt confident mono chrome

Over the coming months we’ll look at what it means to be ‘stylish’. Together we will discover that while fashion can be exciting, and recognizing that in the UK we have and are consistently producing amazing young fashion designers, style has depth, focus and longevity. To be stylish is to have presence.

blue with striped top SS

Who am I?

DSC_0025 A

Me in my 50’s

I’m a ‘baby boomer’ who absolutely loves clothes, shoes, perfume, skincare – you get the picture! I am also a Leadership and Management consultant who has had the privilege to work with some fabulous organisations and even more fabulous corporate women.


Me in my 60’s enjoying a festive season walk!

My other business, started 3 years ago, is Style Rejuvenation, where I act as a style ‘partner’ and help women to edit their wardrobe, rejuvenate their overall look, create a capsule wardrobe, dress for that special occasion and, my favourite, partner them on shopping trips. If you loath shopping call on me. Take a look at Style Stories and read about the experience of some of my clients.


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