The Emperor’s New Clothes


This is not a post on style, despite the title, just to let you know I’m back on line. A big thank you to my local Cafe Nero, in Hexham, Northumberland. They have helped to provide a lively and very comfortable working environment. Why the title? My loss of internet connection was due to a provider telling me that they could ‘definitely provide a quicker broadband speed’ and then failing to do so AND creating a break in service. I live and have a home office on the Northumberland moors, when I’m not travelling, and had been told by BT that super fast broadband was not possible. Morale of the story? Don’t promise what you can’t deliver. Why do some technology companies try and blind us (and to a large extent themselves) with visions of wonders that don’t exist?

Tonight I shall have a relaxing bath with one of my favourite treats. REN Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil. This is the perfect way to end a rather frustrating few days!

ren rose otto bath oil

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