The ultimate style accessory

Put on a pair of sunglasses and suddenly you are Jackie Onassis or Grace Kelly. Well, perhaps not, but they do confer a sense of glamour on the wearer. Apart from the practical benefits of keeping the sun out of your eyes, which prevents you from squinting, thus causing fine lines, there are also very good at hiding older eyes and a tired face. I’m speaking from experience! Unless you have very small features a pair of large sunglasses can look stylish and, at a stroke, make your outfit more appealing. Yes – really!

As we are now ‘officially’ into Spring we should be having more sunshine. As I live in the North of England this isn’t always the case however I would be lost without my sunglasses. When it comes to sunglasses you really are spoiled for choice. They come in all shades (no pun intended), colours and prices.

older woman

Timeless glamour

Chanel black whit arms

Chanel classics

The Channel brand offers good styling and provided you take care of them (no throwing on the back seat of the car or leaving on the sand in the mid-day sun – holidays obviously!) they will last. They are an investment and should be treated as such. That means when not worn they should be kept in their case.


Me wearing sunglasses from Mango

You do not have to spend a fortune on sunglasses. The pair I am wearing in the photo above I bought last year for £18.99 at Mango in York. I had forgotten my Chanels (which I have had for 8 years) and can’t bear strong sunlight in my eyes.

black prada classic

Prada Classic Black

The above shape suits most shaped faces and if black is too strong for you try in dark brown.

Classic Ray Ban black

Ray Ban

Ray Bans, I have read, started the demand for sunglasses in the UK. The quality is very good and if you are not comfortable wearing large sunglasses they are just the thing. If the solid colour doesn’t appeal why not consider a lighter frame, as shown below.

ray bans

More Ray Bans!

 vintage shape

Vintage shape – very classic

tom ford

Sunglasses by Tom Ford – variation on the vintage theme

Unless you know exactly what you are looking for you can’t buy sunglasses on-line. You need to try them on. If you live near to TK Maxx they often have a wide variety of styles. You can pick up a designer brand at a reduced cost. Avoid ‘gimmicky’ frames and mirror lenses. They are not stylish and will get you noticed for all the wrong reasons.

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