Winter lips?

Although we have had the warmest year on record Р allegedly, we have had some cold days recently and the first casualty can be our lips. Not only is it uncomfortable to have sore and perhaps chapped lips but it makes the application of lip stick difficult, particularly with dark or bright colours. Prevention as we are told, is often better than cure, so here are some tips for ensuring your lips remain in tip top condition.

Step 1 – Cleanse

simple micellar water

A budget product kind to the skin

elemis eye and lip cleanser

A top end truly luxurious treat for eyes and lips

Micellar Water is quick and easy, as are cleansing wipes. However, if your lips are chapped then something kinder may be the answer.

Step 2 – Exfoliate

If you have never exfoliated your lips before this may seem a little strange. The difference it makes is immense especially if you have dry patches. Exfoliating means you are preparing your lips for whatever balm or cream you will put on them

body shop lip exfoliator

Body Shop Lip Exfoliator – Excellent Value

philosophy lip exfoliator

Philosophy Lip Exfoliator – A Real Treat

Step 3 – Moisturise

You need to moisturise before you go to bed – this is an excellent time to slap on the product, and of course first thing in the morning and before you go outside. Although most good lipstick brands will moisturise your lips, in the winter you will need a little extra help. Whether you go for luxury products or tried and tested favourites make sure you do moisturise.


Ideal before you go to bed

Nuxe lip balm

Beautiful honey flavored balm!

chap stick

Cheap as chips and it works!

Don’t forget to carry a lip balm or cream in your bag – always. This is essential if you spend time out of doors.

nivea lip care

My all time favourite when I’m on the go.

As my blog is all about sharing tips and ideas I’d love to hear what beauty products you wouldn’t be without. Please get an touch and share.


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