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what i do

Dressing the Inner Woman is a celebration of the power and greatness in women.

All coaching and facilitating work is grounded in the belief that the potential and possibility of women is immense.

A recognition of the unique challenges facing women in an essentially male driven world.

Support in identifying and dismantling limiting beliefs and old conditioning – breaking down your glass ceiling.

Moving from chance to choice with clarity and purpose

6 Week Coaching Programme ‘Breakthrough to You’

A 6 week journey to support and empower you to set your intention and vision for the life you truly want to live.

  • Shifting your mindset to unstoppable – opening up to possibility
  • Putting yourself first.
  • What holds you back? Making visible the 3 main barriers and limiting beliefs that hold women back.
  • Unlearning and re-learning. What behaviours need to change and what will you replace them with?
  • Stepping into your intention and vision. Creating your road map.


Prior to Week One a questionnaire will be sent with accompanying notes.

Each session will be followed by a challenge relating to the module.

A questionnaire will be given after Week Six – a request for feedback to be put on website.

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